young professionals in the workplace

Young Professionals in the Workplace

If you are a young person in the work place, much like many of our employees here at Arthritis & Injury Care Centre, then it is probably safe to say that you are feeling a mix of emotions. Often, young employees are excited to finally join the workforce, live on their own, and most importantly – start making money. Nevertheless, it can certainly be intimidating entering a workplace where one’s coworkers are older and more experienced. This blog will discuss some of the benefits and difficulties associated with being young in the workplace, and will also provide some advice to the youthful workforce.



After all those years of school, extra-curricular involvement, and hard work – they have done it – these young and prosperous individuals have finally made it into the workforce. Young employees are often energetic and excited to start working and generating an income. This energy is contagious! This new workforce is willing and eager to prove themselves, which can motivate quality work and dedication. Their professional world has just begun. Young professionals are also knowledgeable. Having just graduated, the information is fresh in their memories and they are up-to-date on current issues. It is important for young employees to voice their opinions and to share their knowledge with co-workers. Young individuals offer a fresh perspective and can help in the development of a dynamic workplace. Let’s not forget about technology! Millennials grew up with technology and many of them are quite tech-savvy. In an ever-changing society, such as the one in which we live, it is imperative to remain current on the newest advancements in technologies. Young professionals can be a valuable resource in this regard.



“You are so young!”

“What are your credentials?”

“How long have you been working here?”

I am sure that every young professional has heard questions or comments from clients, customers, or patients inquiring about their age and qualifications. Remarks such as these can be discouraging for young employees, and leave them feeling subpar or inadequate. Additionally, new employees are given a lot of responsibility, which can be overwhelming, especially if the employee is new to the workforce or a recent graduate. Moreover, millennials are stereotyped as being lazy and unintelligent, which can be a difficult stigma to overcome. Young employees may find it challenging to earn the respect of their coworkers and abide by principles of seniority, by which they are at the bottom of the totem pole.



Confidence – It is imperative for young professionals to remain confident. Regardless of how difficult the job may feel, younger workers should trust in their training and knowledge. Younger employees should remember that they have something important to offer and that they were hired for a reason.

Learning – Since they are new to the workplace, younger employees need to remember that they still have a lot to learn. Young professionals must learn about work life, the company, and their coworkers. It is important to keep an open mind and to be willing to learn. Remaining humble is key. We encourage younger employees to remember that every other employee was once in their position, and to capitalize on their co-workers’ knowledge and expertise. Do not be shy – ask questions and get involved.

Take a minute and look around your workplace. Are there employees with different cultures? How about languages? Many workplaces pride themselves on employing a diverse group of people; whether it be personalities, educational backgrounds, or work experience. Being surrounded by people who differ from oneself can have numerous benefits. A group of like-minded people are accustomed to viewing a problem from one point-of-view or thinking of limited solutions to a problem. Conversely, a group of unique individuals with different backgrounds may provide numerous perspectives and determine many solutions to a problem that may not have been reached otherwise. Diversity fosters peer-learning and allows employees to learn from their coworkers’ knowledge and experience. The Globe and Mail states that a diverse workplace is an “asset”, as it encourages employees to be “innovative and reduces the likelihood of groupthink”. If this is true, then wouldn’t employing workers of different ages be beneficial for a company? Workers from different ages or generations are moulded by their unique experiences and can offer various outlooks.


Workforce diversity is about more than just social responsibility. 


Arthritis & Injury Care Centre has a mix of both younger and more experienced workers, making it a dynamic and innovative working environment with a strong focus on remaining current to provide patients with the best possible care. Here at Arthritis and Injury Care Centre, we welcome and celebrate young employees, and many of our employees fall between the ages 25 – 40. Although some of our employees are younger, they are certainly knowledgeable and capable of providing patients with good quality care. Our youthful workers contribute positively to the energy within our workplace and as a company we value their opinions and acknowledge their value.


Bottom line benefits: better problem solving, better client insight, better employee relations.



There is no questioning that being young in the workplace can be complex. It is important that more experienced employees help train and mentor younger employees, as these older workers will soon be leaving the workforce and leaving all their hard work and accomplishments to their juniors. Although there are numerous difficulties, it is important that young professionals know their importance. Young employees are capable and should feel valued. A person with a strong work ethic and willingness to learn will undoubtably be an asset to a company – regardless of their age. As an employee, especially when just starting off, it is essential to be willing to speak up and stand up for yourself, while also ensuring to listen and respect your co-workers. Youth need to know their worth and above all, be themselves.


Written By:
Adam Chubbs-Payne
Certified Orthopedic Bracing Specialist
Arthritis & Injury Care Centre

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