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What is work-life balance?

How many people have found themselves saying: “There’s not enough time in a day”? Work-life balance can be defined as a concept that comprises the prioritizing of both work and lifestyle. Many employees feel over-worked, which can lead to copious amounts of stress. Work-Life balance is a ratio of how much free time workers are given to do things they enjoy compared to the time they spend working. One’s lifestyle consists of how they spend their spare time. Living an active lifestyle and doing activities one enjoys, helps the individual de-stress and recuperate from a frantic work day. It is never too late to start allocating time for yourself and your well-being. In fact, NOW is a perfect time to start!! Begin your 2018 by analyzing your work-to-life ratio and focusing on your health. It is important to establish a work-life balance that fits your routine and is sustainable.

Examples of leisurely activities that decrease stress:

  • Exercising/Playing Sports
  • Playing an Instrument
  • Watching Television
  • Spending Time with Friends/Family
  • Reading
  • Drawing/Painting
  • Dancing
  • Sleeping


Why is it important?

According to Statistics Canada (2017), 62% of workers say that work is their primary source of stress. Many people live hectic lives. Between a long work day, a commute, meal preparation, daily duties, and a much needed eight hours of sleep, it can be extremely difficult to find time for yourself. People often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life and forget how important work-life balance is. Allocating time for oneself is imperative because it allows people to recover from the stresses that come along with a job. Being over-worked can have detrimental implications on an individual’s emotional, mental, and physical health. People with good work-life balance tend to be more focused and productive while working, evade potential burn-out, and be all around happier.


Adults aged 18 to 64 years should accumulate at least 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous intensity aerobic physical activity per week, in bouts of 10 minutes or more.


Many Canadians are working harder and for longer hours, resulting in less spare time and less people meeting the Canadian exercise recommendations. Statistics Canada (2017), says that time management skills, exercise, and rest are all vital for reducing stress levels and living a well-balanced life. At Arthritis and Injury Care, our staff focus on living balanced lives and taking time for ourselves so that we are focused and ready to help patients when in the clinic. To establish a work-life balance, individuals must first determine their limits when it comes to their job. Secondly, individuals should ensure that they make sufficient time to partake in leisurely activities. It is also very important that individuals take breaks while working to prevent feeling overworked and to provide the employee with time to recharge.

Not working?

To establish a work-life balance one must have a job. Sometimes an injury can prevent someone from working. For example, mobility issues or excessive pain can make it difficult to work. If you are unemployed or not working due to an injury, do not fret. Arthritis and Injury Care helps many patients return to their job. With our exceptional training in brace fitting and our knowledge about the human body, our bracing specialists can fit you with the perfect brace to get you up and moving. Many of our orthopedic braces have propelled patients towards a quick recovery or made it possible for them to complete their job responsibilities and return to work.

How can Arthritis and Injury Care Help?

With locations across Atlantic Canada (Halifax, Dartmouth, Lacewood, Fredericton, Saint John, and Moncton), Arthritis and Injury Care aims to help patients achieve work-life balance by helping them accomplish their goals. Many of our patients need medical devices because of an injury. Arthritis and Injury Care supplies BREG braces and BAUERFIEND compression garments for all parts of the body to help treat patient’s injuries and improve quality of life. Our products help to reduce patient pain, increase overall stability, and treat any symptoms that a patient may experience. Countless patients have benefited from being fitted for a brace, and from our knowledgeable staff. Our goal is to help you return to the things you are passionate about and not capable of currently doing. Whether it’s reducing a patient’s levels of pain, helping them become mobile, reducing recovery time, or assisting with return to a sport, Arthritis and Injury Care looks to get people moving so they can make the best of their free time. By improving patients’ mobility, quality of life, and overall well-being, our company improves patients’ work-life balance and aids in the prevention of burnout.


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