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Cryotherapy is defined as the therapeutic use of cold. Cold Therapy plays a key role throughout the entire process of getting surgery including a patient’s pre-operative protocol and preparation followed by the recovery procedures post-operatively. The implementation of cryotherapy has become increasingly popular in the surgical field due to the immense amount of benefits it provides.

Cryotherapy has generally been applied subsequent to joint surgery. The application of therapeutic cold works by cooling down body tissue and slowing cellular metabolism, which reduces secondary tissue damage. When tissue metabolism is suppressed it contributes to less edema and post-operative bleeding, lessens pain and promotes rapid recovery of range of motion after surgery.

The advantages of employing cold therapy and compression for operative care include:

  • Better Pain Management – Pain is a natural part of the inflammatory response that occurs at the site of surgery. Cryotherapy can help minimize the amount of pain medication required by desensitizing the pain felt as a result of reducing the swelling/inflammatory response.
  • Less Risk of Post-Operative Complications – Post-op complications such as blood clots, immobility, and sudden movement which could impact tissue repair are fuelled by edema, swelling, and muscles spasms. The impact cold therapy has on those risk factors significantly reduces a patient likelihood of developing complications.
  • Better Rest at Night – Sleep enhances recovery and healing. It allows a chance for your brain to rest, so the blood supply available to the surgery site increases, delivering extra amounts of oxygen and nutrients which facilitates healing and growth. The Breg Polar Care Kodiak can provide cold therapy treatments for 6-8 hours allowing your body to get a good, restful night of sleep to help aid the recovery process.
  • Improved Mental Health – Cold therapy improves the patient’s psychological state by allowing them to have control and responsibility for their own care.
  • Shorter Hospital Stay – Cold therapy allows faster wound healing and recovery time which means a lower risk of infection and less scaring. Therefore, allowing you to return home early and safely.

Regardless of what type of surgery you are scheduled for, or waiting to be scheduled for, it would be highly beneficial to discuss cryotherapy options with your health care provider as cold therapy sessions allow you to heal more rapidly, naturally, without pain and pressure. To find out more about Breg’s Polar Care Kodiak you can call or contact Arthritis and Injury Care to book a no charge consultation with one of the bracing specialists.

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