Braces are often used after an injury to help protect the injured body part to help in the recover process.  However, there is also a benefit to wearing braces when there is no injury, to help protect yourself against a possible injury while playing sports.  

Below are examples of how bracing can help you with sports injury prevention in your specific sport.

Basketball & Volleyball:

Ankle injuries are the most common injury in basketball and volleyball and they account for almost 40% of all basketball injuries and just over 50% of all volleyball  injuries** .  Ankle braces have been found to reduce the amount of ankle injuries while playing basketball for people with no prior history of ankle injuries and for people who do have a history of ankle injuries* 

Knee injuries including ACL tears, patellar tendinitis, and Osgood Schlatter disease are also common in both basketball and volleyball.   To read more about ACL Knee Braces, click HERE.


In soccer the two most common injuries are ankle injuries and knee injuries* . Similarly to basketball, ankle braces have been found to be an effective way to prevent ankle injuries in soccer players*Studies have also shown that knee braces are an effective way to prevent ligament injuries during physical activity* 


Knee injuries are the most common injury in football players and account for up to 36% of all total football injuries*.  It has been found that knee braces that are worn while playing football have been effective in reducing the rate of knee injuries, especially MCL injuries, and the braces were particularly more effective for people who played a defensive position*. 


Some of the most common injuries in hockey include soft tissue injuries to the hip/groin area, with one of the most common ones being hip adductor strains.  Another common injury in hockey is knee ligament sprains, with the MCL being the most commonly injured ligament. Like in other sports and physical activities, knee braces are an effective way to help protect the ligaments of the knee while playing hockey. As for hip adductor injuries compression garments have been found to dampen impact forces which can lead to a reduce risk in injury. 

Across all sports, not just the four sports above, bracing is an effective way to help protect yourself from sports injuries, allowing you to participate in the sports you enjoy safely.   

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