For people suffering from joint pain or neuropathy, basic daily tasks can be almost impossible.

With surgeon wait times climbing here in Canada to 6 months or longer, non- surgical interventions are helping people cope with their day-to-day pain.

Topical medications have often been used for soft tissue injuries, but we hardly ever see an effective product that is targeted to reduce joint pain, until now!   This breakthrough medication is helping patients all over the country with severe joint pain and helping them get back to the activities and life they enjoy.

MultiProfen CC is a product made exclusively by an Ontario compounding pharmacy and is shipped free of charge all over the country. This product is a combination of Amitriptyline, Baclofen, Ketoprofen, and Lidocaine. When combined, these ingredients create four different modes of action that, together, act as an anti-inflammatory, anesthetic, and muscle relaxant. This helps to provide very effective pain relief without the side effects or risks associated with nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs.

MultiProfen CC is well-tolerated and can be used by patients with ulcers, poor renal function, or compromised liver function. Due to an absorption rate of less than 5%, it can be used alongside any of your current treatments as well. This product is covered by most insurance plans and is shipped directly to your home, alleviating the hassle of getting prescriptions filled on your own time.

If you are dealing with pain that isn’t well managed, MultiProfen CC might be a viable option for you. Please reach out to your family doctor or Arthritis and Injury Care to find out more information.

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