Meniscus Tears are one of the most common injuries of the knee and often occurs during physical activity.  The Meniscus is the cartilage in the knee, which cushions the joint and acts as a shock absorber for the shin bone and thigh bone.

The Meniscus is very tough however it can tear from a sudden twist or hit to the knee.  For this reason athletes in contact sports often suffer Meniscus Tears or torn cartilage of the knee. Elderly individuals are also more susceptible to Meniscus Tears, as the Meniscus wears away with age.

Symptoms can include:

  • A popping sensation
  • Pain in your knee
  • You may experience difficulty straightening your leg.
  • The knee may swell and stiffen
  • The knee may lock in place

One of the first steps in treating a Meniscus Tear is to make an appointment with a Sports Medicine Physician who can diagnose your injury and provide treatment options.

Treatment options may include:

In some cases, surgical intervention may be required to repair the damage.  Your healthcare provider can create a care plan that is right for your needs.

Knee Bracing for Meniscus Tears:

One of our gold standard knee braces that can benefit a Meniscus Tear is called the Breg Shortrunner Knee Brace.  The Shortrunner Knee Brace provides control and support for ligament and meniscus injuries and instabilities and may also be used for post-operative treatment and mild Osteoarthritis.  Learn for about the Breg Shortrunner Knee Brace HERE or contact our team for more details!

If you are worried you may have a Meniscus Tear or are suffering from another injury, contact our Sports Medicine Physicians office today by calling #1-902-407-8927 to schedule your consultation.  You can also fill our our website contact form by clicking HERE and we will be in touch!  

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