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Arthritis & Injury Care Centre is committed to working with our patients during their entire Journey to Recovery. To demonstrate this we asked one of our patients if they would be willing to share their story. This is Samantha’s story.


Patient Story

Samantha has been playing volleyball since she was 10 years old. She played for the Cobequid Education Centre Cougars and won two provincial titles for her high school and club. She also played at a university level for Cape Breton University and STFX. When she left school she continued to play competitively in the local volleyball league in Halifax. Samantha is also a coach for the 14U girls with the Scotia Juniors Volleyball Club.



Samantha injured her right knee in October 2018 and is currently on the list awaiting an MRI to confirm a potentially torn meniscus and damaged ligaments.


Referral Process

Samantha heard about Arthritis & Injury Care Centre through a team member on her recreational Volleyball team. She went to see her Family Physician who referred her to see Sport Medicine Physician Dr. Christopher Johnston at the Arthritis & Injury Care Centre. Once referred, she was able to quickly see Dr. Johnston within one week.


Treatment Solution

When Samantha saw Dr. Christopher Johnston, he determined that a knee brace would benefit her in regard to her pain and instability. Once it was determined that a knee brace would help Samantha, Dr. Johnston asked a Certified Bracing Specialist with Arthritis & Injury Care Centre to see Samantha that day. Samantha was assessed and measured for a Breg Custom Knee Brace. Our Certified Bracing Specialist provided Samantha with a loaner brace that she could wear while she waited for her custom knee brace to arrive. This way Samantha was able to continue to work and play volleyball.


Knee Brace Choice

Samantha was fitted for a Breg Custom Knee Brace called the Axiom-D Elite Ligament Knee Brace. The Axiom-D Elite delivers innovation for ligament bracing with its unique dynamic hinge that delivers a progressive counterforce to the lower leg to reduce tibial translation. This dynamic feature ensures that we maintain the proper anatomic relationship between the femur and tibia as it goes through as full range of motion. Samantha chose to go with the color light pink in a gloss finish. Her brace was also equipped with high activity pads and straps to help keep her brace secure while she plays volleyball.


Patient Testimonial

The Arthritis & Injury Cate Centre clinic was very quick to get me in to see the right people for my injury. They were very good at explaining the process to me and once I began that process everyone took care of me from that point on. Getting in to see the Sport Medicine Physician was very quick as well. I would recommend the Arthritis & Injury Care Centre to anyone with knee injuries as the process was educational, fast, and beneficial.

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