At the Arthritis and Injury Care Centre, we’re more than just a clinic; we’re your dedicated partners in
health. We proudly serve the people of Atlantic Canada with a multidisciplinary approach to care. With
convenient locations in Dartmouth, Downtown Halifax, Clayton Park, and Fredericton, we’re here to
offer our considerate and expert services.

Our Podiatry Services: Caring for Your Feet

Our team includes three exceptional Podiatrists: Dr. Samir Ouizi, available at all three HRM clinics; Rihab
Ouni, serving Clayton Park and Downtown Halifax; and Vi McKay, located in Fredericton. Podiatrists are
specialists in assessing, diagnosing, and treating foot diseases and disorders. Our podiatry services
encompass a wide array of treatments, from custom orthotic fittings and ingrown toenail care to general
nail and foot care, plantar fasciitis management, and diabetic foot care. No doctor referral or
prescription is required to schedule an appointment with our podiatrists. We’re here to make your
journey to better foot health simple and accessible.

Sports Medicine Practice: Your Path to Recovery

We’re fortunate to have a skilled team of physicians at our HRM locations specializing in sports
medicine. These experts excel in making precise diagnoses, often utilizing advanced tools like MRI, and
they thoroughly explore all treatment options with each patient. This includes assessing the need for
surgical referrals and coordinating comprehensive treatment plans. Our sports medicine doctors
collaborate with our other clinicians to ensure you receive the right treatment, whether it’s a brace,
podiatry services, or any other service we offer. They’re your guiding light on the road to recovery.

Orthotist Services: Tailored Braces for Your Needs

Orthotists address a diverse range of conditions, from infant cranial deformities to foot and ankle issues.
Our skilled orthotist, Doug, leverages his deep understanding of patients; conditions and lifestyles
through physical and biomechanical assessments, as well as gait analysis. This knowledge helps him
design and craft the most appropriate braces and supports for each individual patient. We’re dedicated
to providing personalized solutions that cater to your unique needs.

Pedorthic Services: Your Step Towards Comfort and Healing

Our team of highly skilled pedorthists at the Arthritis and Injury Care Centre takes a meticulous and
compassionate approach to your care. They perform assessments that encompass biomechanical and
gait analysis, evaluate foot joint range of motion, conduct soft tissue and muscle testing, and perform
additional tests tailored to your specific injury or condition. Based on this assessment, they create 3-D
scans or molds of your feet to create the best orthotics for your unique situation. Our pedorthists also
have access to our in-house lab for footwear modifications and orthotic adjustments. We’re here to
ensure your comfort and well-being every step of the way.

Orthopedic Brace Fitters: Custom Solutions for Your Needs

At each of our locations, you’ll find at least one dedicated bracing specialist ready to assist with your
bracing needs. These specialists bring their expertise in injury management to ensure you receive the
most suitable brace for your requirements. They work in close collaboration with our other healthcare

professionals to provide a comprehensive and effective approach to managing your injury or condition,
utilizing all the resources available in our clinics. We’re here to offer a considerate, well-rounded
approach to your recovery.

Contact any of our locations, and we’ll be delighted to discuss options best suited to your individual
needs and help you schedule an appointment with the appropriate clinician. Your well-being is our top
priority, and we’re here to provide compassionate and straightforward care every step of the way.

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