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Insurance Renewal with Arthritis and Injury Care Centre

Private health insurance and their policies can sometimes be a difficult process, but with the help of our Administrative Assistants, you aren’t alone with your submissions! Arthritis and Injury Care Centre is equipped to help contact your Private Health Insurance company for you to help with this process.

Who Are We?

Arthritis & Injury Care Centre is a locally owned and private company that offers many health services and products. These services and products are offered from our knowledgeable professionals to help find the best option for each patients’ health, though some services and products are not covered under provincial health programs. We offer to contact your Private Health Insurance company on your behalf. Arthritis & Injury Care Centre wants to ensure that everyone is knowledgeable about their insurance and can benefit from our services and products.

Insurance Coverage Renewal

Arthritis and Injury Care Centre will investigate if your Private Health Insurance permits for direct billing submissions from providers. We will get the proper information to send to the insurance company. Some insurances require a co-payment or percentage paid first.

Most Private Health Insurance companies will reset coverage every 1 to 2 years, all depending on the insurance company. This can either be every calendar year (Jan 1st- Dec 31st) or every 12 consecutive rolling months (example, purchased Custom Orthotics on April 1st, 2018, eligible for a new pair of orthotics April 1st, 2019).

Would You Require a New Prescription/Referral?

Arthritis & Injury Care Centre does not require a referral/prescription from a Health Professional to see one of our Brace Specialists, Pedorthists, Podiatrist, or Dietitian. In some cases, with Private Health Insurance, a referral/prescription is helpful to our staff to give the best medical advice. When purchasing a product, as per provincial government without a prescription/medical referral for a product tax must be applied.

With most private health insurances, they do require a new updated medical prescription/referral from a medical professional for reimbursement purposes, even every calendar year. Even with previously submitted prescriptions, they would require a new updated one.

What People Are Saying

“Everyone was super helpful helping me submit for my second pair in the following year!”
– H. Cooks


Both Podiatry and Dietitian services have costs associated with initial and subsequent treatments. Most Private Health Insurances cover a portion or the full amount of these treatments.
Another service we offer is Orthopaedic and Sports Medicine consultations which are coverage by MSI/Medicare. If a patient needs to see one of our physicians then a medical referral to them would be required by a physician. This allows them to see the appropriate specialist at the appropriate time.

Have Questions?

Arthritis & Injury Care Centre is always available to help with your Private Health Insurance. With our knowledgeable staff, we can answer any concerns or questions during the process of finding out the details of your insurance coverage as well as any questions after you leave! We are here for you!

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