Dynamic Ligament bracing uses biomechanical technology to apply force during time of medical
need and always provide comfort by using a corrective force to help control the movement of the
tibia and help stabilize your knee joint. This force then subsides when the knee moves into
flexion and control is not medically necessary. In A repaired ligament a dynamic brace can help
protect the repair against further injury. Dynamic braces work with the body to increase stability
and improve function whether the goal is to return to competitive sport or just increase the ability
to perform daily activities.

Dynamic braces can be used for multiple types of ligament injuries as the brace works with the
body to ensure the tibia moves in proper alignment with the femur.

Dynamic braces work differently for different knee injuries such as ACL or PCL injuries. ACL
injuries disrupt the time it takes for the hamstrings to activate as the tibia moves into extension.
When the ACL is injured, the tibia has no control and no end point of movement which makes
the hamstrings ineffective in controlling the movement as the knee moves into the final degrees
of extension. As a result, the tibia wants to move more anteriorly and causes knee instability.
When using a dynamic brace, a counterforce is applied on the front of the tibia during extension
to keep it in proper alignment to provide increased stability.

With PCL Injures as the knee moves further into flexion the tibia naturally moves posteriorly.
The dynamic brace uses the quadriceps and hamstrings to work against the movement by
applying a counterforce at 50–60-degree flexion to the back of the tibia to move back into proper

The Premier brace in ligament bracing is the Z-12D!

The Z-12D is a lightweight brace featuring the unique hinge to strapping system in a dual upright
frame. The Z-12D provides dynamic control of tibial translation. The frame contains spring steel
reinforcement for extra strength to allow the return to playing sport without worry of damaging
the brace. This brace is commonly used for ligament injuries as well as meniscal instabilities and
prophylactic use.

Consult one of our bracing specialists to see if a Z-12D is the right fit for you!

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